Urban Mobility of the Future

Intelligent vehicles are good

together with
intelligent infrastructure, they are better

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Digitales Testfeld in einer Metropole für autonomes Fahren, nicht im Silicon Valley, sondern in Berlin

Andreas ScheuerBundesminister für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur


Autonomous and human-aware driving behaviour improves integrated mobility services


Driving related risk and threat analysis, along with real-time communication, helps to prevent urban traffic accidents


A precise interplay of various information is required for a smooth traffic flow towards avoiding unnecessary stops at the traffic lights or in a traffic jam. 

Environmental Friendliness

We bring together a wide range of data sources to understand the complex causes of poor air quality


In the future, vehicles like cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles will be more intelligent and possess human-like capabilities (fully autonomous, i.e. SAE Level 5) so that the interaction with them will be natural, safe and environmentally-friendly. By digitizing the road infrastructure, an environment suitable for such a distributed intelligence will be created, which will then take the roads to the next evolutionary level. This will support people in fulfilling their future wishes and tasks, create an environment worth living in and at the same time increase economic benefits. The DIGINET-PS test field meets these demanding requirements by providing a test track for automated and networked driving in urban areas


vehicles per day


traffic lights


parking lots

Distributed Intelligence

By digitizing the road infrastructure, the requirements for a distributed intelligence will be met, which will then take the roads to the next evolutionary level. For this purpose, three independent systems with autonomous decision-making are linked to each other.

Intelligent Vehicles

Automated and connected vehicles can drive without a human driver and thus move independently in a traffic. A foundation for this is created by the DIGINET-PS platform.

Intelligent Edge

Time-critical and location-based data are processed using Edge-Computing in the vehicle to everything (V2X) infrastructure. Metadata and big data analysis are sent to the data center and to the Cloud, which ensures fast and secure decision-making anytime.

Intelligent Cloud

The flexible architecture of the cloud covers a wide range of requirements. Whether it is the amount of memory or a needed capacity for computing power, everything can be configured and adapted according to requirements.

Machine Learning

Learn how we use machine learning to provide decentralized decision-making using relevant data and solve related problems with evolutionary algorithms.

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Together into the Future

Benefit from the combination of our strengths and competencies. The test track offers countless opportunities for a wide variety of research projects in research, development, and business.

Using the Test Track

We provide partners with data for testing solutions for automated and connected driving.


Our team is equipped for all tasks.

Sensor Technology

More than 100 sensors of different types are installed all along the track.


ICT-security and the protection of privacy are very important to DIGINET.

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